Türkiye Cumhuriyet'in ilk coşkusunu yeniden yaşıyor

Yolu sosyalizmden anarşizme, bohemlikten akademiye, ticaretten aristokrasiye sonra da tekkeye düşen, o gün bugündür durmaksızın aşk ile “hu” çeken, halen New York’taki Cerrahi- Halveti Tekkesi’nin şeyhi olan Tosun Bekir Bayraktaroğlu’nun İstanbul’da olduğunu duyunca heyecanlandım. Tanımak, sizlerle de tanıştırmak için. Müthiş bir arayışın ve buluşun hikayesi onunki. Ona herkes “Tosun Baba” diyor, ben de öyle dedim. Sorular sordum, cevaplar aldım.

Muslims celebrate at Chestnut Ridge mosque

December 20, 2007  - Muslims gathered yesterday to celebrate their prophets and remember their willingness to do God's will. Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son to prove devotion to God, a story also studied by Christian and Jews, could put into perspective some considerably lesser trials of modern-day life, said Yurdaer Doganata, assistant to the imam at the Jerrahi Mosque.

Rumi Benefit Concert at GMWS

November 7, 2007 Section: NEWS Edition: RK Page: 7A Chestnut Ridge school plans benefit for capital campaign Doug Forhecz FREELANCE OK CHESTNUT RIDGE - A fund-raiser at the Green Meadow Waldorf School this weekend will give area residents an opportunity to experience culture, music, dance and food from Turkey and the Balkans. The Sunday event highlights the relationship between the school and its neighbor, Jerrahi Mosque, the sponsor of the event. The benefit will feature two parts. The Sufi ceremony, which will be held first, will feature whirling dervishes.

Chestnut Ridge mosque's popularity causes parking issues

June 30, 2007
Section: NEWS
Edition: RK
Page: 1B

Chestnut Ridge mosque's popularity causes parking issues
James Walsh

CHESTNUT RIDGE - Popularity can have its pitfalls.
Consider the Jerrahi Mosque as an example.

When it opened in the mid-1970s, the mosque offered services from a house off Route 45 (Chestnut Ridge Road).

A few years later, after acquiring adjacent property, it moved into a larger building it had renovated.

Old friends, strangers assist family

November 10, 2005

Section: News

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Old friends, strangers assist family

November 10, 2005
Section: News
Page: 1B
Khurram Saeed, Staff of THE JOURNAL NEWS

CHESTNUT RIDGE - Valerie Plauche always understood the enormity of her family's loss from Hurricane Katrina, but it was only recently that she began to feel it.

It's been 75 days since Plauche, a 10th-generation New Orleanian, her husband, Daniel Baruch, and their 3-year-old daughter, Lelia, fled their Lakeview neighborhood for points north, including Rockland.

Residents aid Haiti storm victims

September 29, 2004
Section: News
Page: 4B
Suzan Clarke, Staff of THE JOURNAL NEWS

Rockland County and area residents sympathetic to the plight of Haitians are answering the plea for help for the impoverished Caribbean nation devastated by Tropical Storm Jeanne.

Donations of basic necessities including canned goods, first-aid supplies and clothing, have been pouring in to collection centers around Rockland, volunteers said yesterday.

Eric Alcin, transportation manager with Nyack Head Start and coordinator of collections at that drop-off site, said the community had been generous.

Helping Chile's poor enriches young lives

August 18, 2004 
Khurram Saeed, Staff of THE JOURNAL NEWS

CHESTNUT RIDGE – Still sniffling from the cold she caught in Chile last month, Nuranisa Rae livens up as soon as she starts talking about the homes she and her friends built for that nation’s poor.
The two-room wood houses were simple, but judging by the reactions of Chile’s indigenous people, Rae, 17, said one would have thought they were mansions.

Mosque can't deliver aid to Kabul school

Section: News
Page: 1A
Khurram Saeed, Staff, The Journal News

U.S. ban on wire transfers leaves teachers’ pay in limbo

CHESTNUT RIDGE – After spending a year cutting through Afghanistan’s bureaucracy so they could open a new school in Kabul, Jerrahi Mosque officials are facing more red tape domestically.

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